students holding awards

Coahoma’s Katelyn Johnson and Joe Mashburn were awarded Kim and Kathy Nichols scholarships at the Coahoma Athletic annual banquet held recently in the district’s competition gym.

Kim and Kathy Nichols are long-time educators at Coahoma ISD, who support education through their financial contributions as well as continuing to lend their years of educational expertise to Coahoma ISD. 

The Coahoma Athletic Booster Club also contributed to furthering the education of eight student athletes by awarding scholarships to Katleyn Johnson, Madison Rodgers, Ky Kemper, Kobe Cervantes, Joe Mashburn, Brysen Kerby, Hendon Settles, and BJ Starr.

The Coahoma athletic program wrapped up the past competition year by recognizing the many accomplishments of its student athletes. 

The full list of awards are as follows:


COAHOMA ATHLETIC BOOSTER CLUB SCHOLARSHIP —  Katelyn Johnson, Madison Rodgers, Ky Kemper, Kobe Cervantes, Joe Mashburn, Brysen Kerby, Hendon Settles, and BJ Starr.

JH COACH OF THE YEAR — Katie Renteria and Cassie Lewis



BE A GOOD TEAMMATE — Hannah Wells, Fr.; Brynn Rodgers, Soph.; Ky Kemper, Sr.;  BJ Starr, Sr.;  and Nick Gonzales, Jr.

TOP DOG — Christian Everett, Jr.; Madison Rodgers, Sr.; Isabella Cox, Soph.; Brysen Kerby, Sr.; Billy Bailey, Soph.; Vance Ott, Sr.

TRUST YOUR COACHING — Maci Green, Sr.; Baylor Wright, Fr.; Shae Lang, Jr.; Kobe Cervantes, Sr.; Ashton Wennik, Sr.; and Kaeden Kelly.

DETAILS MATTER — Serena Dobbs, Jr.; Zoie Joslin, Jr.; Tristan Guerrero, Jr.; and Reagan Chapman, Soph.

PLAY WITH RELENTLESS EFFORT — Karleigh Burt, Soph.; Nevaeh Kerby, Fr.; Rance Redden, Jr.; and Jaidyn Vineyard, Fr.

Individual sports awards
FOOTBALL: MVP — Brysen Kerby, Sr.; Offensive MVP — Billy Bailey, Soph.; Defensive MVP — Rance Redden, Jr.; Outstanding Offensive Back — Ky Kemper, Sr.; Outstanding Wide Receiver — Austin Perkins, Soph.; Outstanding Defensive Back — BJ Starr, Sr.; Outstanding O-Line — Ashton Wennick, Sr. and Nick Gonzales, Jr.; Outstanding D-Line — Kobe Cervantes, Sr. and Braiden Boaz, Fr.; Outstanding Linebacker — Jaidyn Vineyard, Fr.; Outstanding Special Teams — Reagan Chapman, Soph.; Head Hunter Award — Rance Redden; Newcomer of the Year —Nick Tutle, Soph.; Fighting Heart Award — Tristan Guerrero, Jr. and Rowdy Atkins, Jr.; Outstanding Teammate — Brysen Kerby, Sr.

CROSS COUNTRY: MVP — Baylor Wright, Fr.

VOLLEYBALL: MVP — Isabella Cox, Soph.; Offensive MVP — Madison Rodgers, Sr.; Defensive MVP — Shae Lang, Jr.; Newcomer of the Year — Cayhill Lewis, Soph.; Fighting Heart Award — Christian Everett, Jr.; Defensive Specialist — Brynn Rodgers, Soph.; Outstanding Setter — Zoie Joslin, Jr.; 5-3A 1st Team — Isabella Cox, Madison Rodgers, Shae Lang, Zoie Joslin; 5-3A 2nd Team — Brynn Rodgers, Christian Everett, Cayhill Lewis; 5-3A Honorable Mention — Karleigh Burt, Soph.; Baylor Wright, Fr.; Big County Preps Honorable Mention — Isabella Cox, Madison Rodgers, Zoie Joslin.

POWERLIFTING: Most Valuable Bulldogette Lifter — Christian Everett, Jr. and Nevaeh Kerby, Fr.; Most Valuable Lifter Bulldog Lifter — Hector Colon-Rivera, Sr.; Most Improved Bulldogette Lifter — Paula Mae Hagins, Sr.; Most Improved Bulldog Lifter — Jaidyn Vineyard, Fr. and Jacob Padron, Fr.; Fighting Heart Bulldogette — Serena Dobbs, Jr.; Fighting Heart Bulldog — Elijah Rodriguez, Fr.; Newcomer Bulldogette — Vada Cortez, Sr.; Newcomer Bulldog — Tres Vasquez, Fr.

BULLDOG BASKETBALL: MVP —  Raheem Ashford, Sr.; Offensive MVP — Devon Bennett, Jr.; Defensive MVP —Ryan Shifflett, Soph.; Newcomer of the Year — Ky Kemper, Sr.

BULLDOGETTE BASEKETBALL: MVP — Isabella Cox, Soph.; Co-Offensive MVP — Katelyn Johnson, Sr.; Shae Lang, Jr.; Defensive MVP — Madison Rodgers, Sr.; 6th Man Award — Kaedyn Lee, Fr.; Newcomer of the Year — Baylor Wright, Fr.; Most Improved — Merick Alvarez, Fr.; Teammate of the Year — Hannah Wells, Fr.

TRACK: Bulldog Track MVP — Tristan Guerrero, Jr.; Bulldogette Track MVP — Christian Everett, Jr.; Bulldog Field MVP — Ashton Wennik, Sr.; Bulldogette Field MVP — Baylor Wright, Fr.; Bulldog Fighting Heart — Brysen Kerby, Sr.; Bulldogette Fighting Heart — Maci Green, Sr.


GOLF: MVP Bulldogette — Isabella Cox, Soph.; MVP Bulldog — Ryan Shifflett, Soph.

TENNIS: Bulldog Singles MVP — Nick Tutle, Soph.; Bulldogette Singles MVP — Ashton Wooldrige, Sr.; Mix Doubles MVP — Katelyn Johnson, Sr. and Reagan Chapman, Soph. 

SOFTBALL: 5-3A MVP — Hannah Wells, Fr.; 5-3A Offensive MVP — Brynn Rodgers, Soph.;  5-3A Defensive MVP —  Karleigh Burt, Soph.; 5-3A Newcomer of the Year — Avery Rodriguez, Fr.; 5-3A Pitcher of the Year — Makayla Calvio, Soph.; 5-3A Coach of the Year — Alex Orosco; 5-3A First Team — Nevaeh Kerby, Fr.; Chistian Everett, Jr.; Madison Rodgers, Sr.; Shae Lang, Jr.; Second Team — Baylor Wright, Fr.; Maci Green, Sr.; Cayhill Lewis, Soph.

BASEBALL: 5-3A Co-Offensive MVP — Ky Kemper, Sr.; 5-3A Newcomer of the Year — Ryan Shifflett, Soph.; 5-3A Pitcher of the Year — Billy Bailey, Soph.; 5-3A First Team Utility — BJ Starr, Sr.; 5-3A First Team 3rd Base — Kobe Cervantes, Sr.; 5-3A First Team 1st Base — Nick Gonzales, Jr.; 5-3A First Team Outfield — Joe Mashburn, Sr.; 5-3A First Team DH — Bryan Martinez, Jr.; 5-3A Second Team 2nd Base — Chris Thurman, Jr.; 5-3A Second Team DH — Theron Ott, Fr.; 5-3A Second Team Utility — Bryce Davis, Fr.; 5-3A Honorable Mention Catcher — Logan Saverance, Sr.