Brain Pop

Watch Mobi explain math, science, social studies, engineering and art, and health concepts.

Daily Math

A different problem is posted every day!

Dare To Compare

Dare to Compare, a part of the Kids’ Zone website, contains questions from the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS), the Civic Education Study (CivEd) and National Assessment of Education Progress (NAEP).

Figure This!

Math challenges for families!

Fun Brain

Math games 1st-8th (beat 25 games) - also a printable center for parents.


Illuminations works to serve you by increasing access to quality standards-based resources for teaching and learning mathematics, including interactive tools for students and instructional support for teachers.

Illustrative Math

A resource that teachers use that might be helpful for parents in understanding current practices.


Very user-friendly site to review and practice all math-related skills.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a WONDERFUL and useful tool that can help with homework problems! Simply click on the link and search for the topic you're struggling with. There are step-by-step videos to guide you through the process, as well as practice and extension questions!

Learn Zillion

Site frequently used by teachers to help explain processes to students - includes K-8 Math, High School Math, K-12 ELA

Math Apps For The IPad

iPad apps for teaching math.

Math Games

Choose from addition, subtraction, multiplication, division facts... able to change time restraints.

Math Magician

Online games from Oswego City School District that teach math.

Math Playground

Math Games, Logic Games, Singapore Math Models, flashcards, worksheets, word problems... even an app is available!


Ideas and suggestions for supporting your child's learning.

Sum Dog

Website allows for children to play educational games against others worldwide, while Sumdog guides what they learn. Site updates parents on how many questions their child answers each week (in case you want to reward their efforts) and personalizes the questions to help students progress.

XP Math

XP Math features fun and educational math games for Grades 5-9.