Reading Is FUNdamental

This site, provided by Reading is Fundamental, includes games, activities, books, and writing activities.

Learning Today

Reading games and activities that help build key reading skills in phonemic awareness, phonics, sight words, vocabulary, and comprehension.

Free Books

Books can be downloaded to an mp3 player

Games Quarium

Various reading games

Toon University

Skills covered include spelling, parts of speech, words in context, reading comprehension, and adjectives

PBS Kids

Free games and activities

Improving Reading Comprehension

This site includes word, phonics, and reading games. There is also a section on improving reading comprehension.

Literacy Skills

Allows parents/guardians/tutors to download picture cards, audios, and videos. Focus is on literacy skills.

Reading Comprehension

Reading comprehension worksheets. Included are original stories, poems, essays, and articles.


Teaches students how to read using phonics.

Reading Games

Games to foster reading improvement

Reading Help

Printable reading worksheets to use at home. The site allows parents/guardians/tutors to select by grade, subject, and sub-topics. Reading activities and games to do with small children are also provided.